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Hermitage In The Himalayas Badrinath

A home in the hills

Our property is located at the heart of the town. Temple is at 7-10 minutes walk. It has a green lawn and a lush garden at the front and free parking adjoining the property. All rooms are facing the great Himalayan peaks and rivers. You can enjoy the unending view of the Himalayas from right in front of your room or from the windows, if inside. Property gives you a sense of aloofness and privacy while ensuring supreme silence throughout the stay. Bus station is 5 minutes walk from the property.

rooms are with 3 beds, attached bathroom, instant hot water geyser and a large lawn and garden in the front with no disturbance. Heater/blower for room warming and electric kettle for hot water available in room.

We do not accommodate males only groups. Only families and couples are accommodated. Solo male/female are allowed Drinking, drugs, party, loud music is not allowed at the property. Smoking is allowed only in the smoking zone. Guest will have to carry their luggage to and from the property themselves. Recommendation is to keep it light. We do not arrange driver's accomodation. Parking is street parking.

triple sharing room
hermitage in the himalayas

Breath taking views from Hermitage in the Himalayas

Majestic peaks and Badrinath Puri

Untitled design (5)Ahermitage in the himalayas neelkhant view


hermitage in the himalayas badrinath puri view


hermitage in the himalayas snow mountain view


hermitage in the hicharan paduka viewmalayas


Hermitage In The Himalayas

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Enjoy the unending view of the Himalayas from right in front of your room or from the windows, if inside..

Special Features of Hermitage in the Himalayas

Why Hermitage in the Himalayas?

hermitage in the himalayas badrinath temple
hermitage in the himalayas badripuri
hermitage in the himalayas walking distance
badrinath shrine

Badrinath Shrine is located at a walking distance and is a 7 to 10 minutes walk.

hermitage in the himalayas neelkanth
Neelkanth peak

On a clear day impression of Lord Shiva can be seen on Neelkanth peak.

hermitage in the himalayas garden and courtyard
garden and courtyard

Amidst the serenity of the Himalayas we have a garden and courtyard to relax.

Hermitage in the himalayas hike to charan paduka
charan paduka hike 

One can opt for a day hike to charan paduka on a clear day from our homestay.

Short Video of Shri Badrinath Puri

Shri Badrinath Puri

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badrinath hermitage in the himalayas

If you love Himalayas, want to know Himalayas, explore Himalayas, experience Himalayas, Hermitage in the Himalayas is the place for you

We had always dreamt of starting something of our own. To create, build and expand our own business. As we start a new phase as entrepreneurs , we hope to utilize our skills and experience towards providing excellent Himalayan stay experience, to our guests.

Come for a lonely retreat leaving behind all the physical, mental, and emotional baggage to rejuvenate and recharge in a town where there are immense possibilities of enriching your spiritual and emotional experience.

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Hermitage in the Himalayas

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